Solar Desalination
Water Station
Solar powered desalination on a large scale. Operates using
natural functions and principals found in nature. New
breakthroughs making it possible to supply cities, towns, small
communities, villages, farms or homes with out harming
nature in any way. Turning the sea into a fresh water source.
  1. No outside power source required other than the sun.
  2. No carbon footprint, or harmful output.
  3. No fossil fuels required or high voltage power.
  4. No rejected saline concentrate back into nature.
  5. No high operating costs, with little maintenance.
  6. No limits on size, can be built up for space limits.
  7. No limits of salt content in water to be purified.
  8. No high cost filters or membranes.
  9. No ugly looks, built to match existing structures.
  10. No limits on outflow, only limited by size of build.
Natural Advantages
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